Friday, November 30

hahaha! where are you studyin at? =) im having exam week now! =(

Thursday, November 29


Hahahaha.. where got ppl so bhb say themselves slim down de.. haha..

I am having holidays now.. whoooohhoo!!~~~

Wednesday, November 28



How are you guys?... hahaZ... ok lahz... let me update myself abit...

Currently serving NS... in HTA (Home Team Academy) as a OCT (Officer Cadet Trainee)...

already finished 2 months of training and 5 more months to go... erm... i think i slim down le bahz..^^... check out my friendster picture lohz... alot of people say dun look like me... erm... yeah...

Hope to see you guys soon...


Saturday, November 24


Elloz!!! I happen to pass by this blog, and saw zhi wei's tag on tagboard!!!


How are you guys!!! Wana update each other?!!

Hahha.. So happy that someone still remembers this blog!!


Friday, April 27


I don't know how many of you still come to this blog..

I know it's been rather stagnant with us concentrating more on our own lives..

Graduation is coming soon..
I would suppose that most of us have already received our "graduation notification" letters..

The guys will be entering another phrase of their lives soon..

Hope that we won't forget each other and that we'll keep the memories that we have forged as a class..

All the best people..

Monday, May 15

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to Becky!
Happy Birthday to you!

May each day be as happy and joyous as today!
Hope u had a great day!


Sunday, April 2

though ive only know you guys for a year, its been a great one. =) cheers to all of you and hopefully we'll still keep in contact somehow, even if its just hi when we see each other in school.. lots of love always. =)